Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Meeting with the big boys

My good friend and graphic artist "Sticky Steve" Weinstein from Envoi Design is in town. He's got some meetings with some movers and shakers with Mattel Toys

and wanted to know if we could entertain them at the Magic Castle. I didn't think it would be a problem. After a quick call to Todd Karr (thanks Todd) I was making dinner reservations for 6.

So tonight we'll have a nice meal, maybe a cocktail, take in some entertainment and have a magical evening. Evidently they have an event coming up and to be honest with you. . . I plan on closing the sale.

I will also keep my ears open as to other ways Industrial Strength Magic can be a benefit to the Mattel Corporation in achieving their goals. With the rapid approach of the holiday season, I'm sure a variety of different departments might find useful a jolt of energy with their fourth quarter meetings.

One of my goals in moving to LA was to recognize and take advantage of opportunities that are presented to me. The other side of that coin is creating opportunities. I am looking forward to a real good time tonight.

I may even perform a set tonight at the upstairs bar, close up table, in the corner. We'll see.

In my "In Box" • From Jim Sisti


It's a small world, bro. Both my wife and I graduated from Crosby High School in Waterbury, CT, though I'm sure it was a few years after your Dad did. Pretty weird coincidence, nevertheless...

Congrats on the new location. My wishes for prosperity and happiness.




That is weird. Thanks for the note and the nice wishes.



Happy Birthday Dad!!!

Happy Birthday 1

Yesterday my father Gordon Bruce Frank turned 70 years young! I talked to him as he and Fulke were returning from Waterbury, CT where he attended his 53rd Class Reunion from Crosby High. If I know him, he had a blast. Next spring he will ride his motorcycle from Atlanta and visit with us in LA during his yearly cross country bike trip on his new Gold Wing.


Quote du Jour

“Using words to describe magic is like using a screwdriver to cut roast beef”

- Tom Robbins

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Underneath Santa Monica Pier


Labor Day 2006

Worked the Promenade. Wrestled with a tough call decision, great spot in the heart of the day. Unfortunately, it was also in the heat of the day and an unshaded area. I opted to find a shady spot. I could have toughed it out, but I thought it unrealistic to think that I was going to get an audience to watch the whole show in the baking heat from 2-4PM.


went back at 4 to see about that spot and who happened to be set up in that spot with a bunny rabbit, none other than Mr. David Groves author of:


He seemed like a very nice guy and made me feel very welcome in my new city. We both agreed it was nice to see another street magician. We chatted briefly and I watched the first 10 minutes of his show. A guy who obviously knows how to work the formula. An artful bit of crowd gathering If I do say so myself. Shame I had to split and find another spot to work from 4-6PM.


Finished up a nice afternoon of street performing and pitching trick decks. I don't get it, I have trouble getting a person to tip a buck, but they'll cough up $20 for a stripper deck. Hey, whatever works. Lately my deck sales are half my day and usually making more than my street shows. What is this telling me.


Polly had the holiday off from work and later that evening prepared a wonderful dinner, some sort of tequila, lime grilled chicken recipe, with peppers prepared in a well seasoned cast iron skillet along with rice made for a delicious meal.

My life with Polly is just great. Madly in love we still exhibit behavior that even makes us gag. We gaze into each others eyes and tell each other how much we love each other. Excuse me . . . I'm going to blow chunks.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Sunday Night • Swing Dancing at the Derby

Sunday was an all around good day! I went to work the Promenade in the afternoon, Buster came with me and spent 4 hours on the beach reading while I worked. I did well, and spread the love. Beautiful day in Santa Monica, perfect temperature and a nice ocean breeze.


Later in the evening, Polly and I had made plans to go to the Derby for a lesson and some dancing. We invited Kirsten (Polly's best friend here in LA. . . and another tv and film industry career woman). We were happy that she said yes, as she is a hoot. We had some Trader Joe's Pizza for dinner at home, then hit the club. This was looking to be a real fun night, right right up until the valet guy drove over Kirsten's toes with Polly's car. I gave her a handful of painkillers which she downed with several glasses of Vodka. OK, the part about the pills and the booze was fabricated but the toe thing did happen. I thought for a minute I might have to call a toe truck.


It was a wonderful evening and felt great to get out and do some dancing with my sweetie. I also danced a few dances with Kirsten. We watched some extremely talented and practiced swing dancers. These Lindy Hopp'en motherfuckers really know how to rock the room.

Polly has to work early Monday mornings (with an exception this week because of Labor Day), so it won't be a regular thing for her; but Kirsten expressed some interest in going next week. This could be a lot of fun!