Friday, September 22, 2006

Writing from home 101

My cell phone alarm clock rang at 7:10AM waking me from a sound sleep. I had been dreaming about flying and was totally into the heavy visuals of my subconsciousness fantasy. I love flying dreams and haven’t had one in a while. My guess is, that seeing Superman Returns last week stuck with me.

Trying to exercise my creative muscle by writing. Over the last few years I’ve grown fat and soft. Time to reclaim the wasted space in my brain and prepare to live some dreams. . . for real. I’ve always liked to think of myself as a creative person. That person got lost somewhere around the second divorce and 4th retail store going under. We’ll it did make me stronger and now I want to do some fun, interesting and profitable things here in LA.

I like the idea of trying to write more. I’ve always enjoyed writing even though I’ve never really been that good at it. I kind of write like I talk, simple and down to earth. . . not a lot of big words. So here goes nothing, my very first writing exercise. I’m not sure whether I should give myself any parameters like, describing a person I know, a situation. . . etc. Or perhaps just stream of consciousness working with or with out a time limit. Yeah, that’s what I’ll do set the kitchen timer for 10 minutes and see what happens.

Ready, Set. . . GO!

There was a crash and a clatter, the sound of splitting wood. A fist hitting the side of a head hard enough to make the guy spit blood. Strange that this violent program is playing on this TV out here in the middle of nowhere. Standing in the middle of the woods on a chilly autumn morning watching a TV that isn’t even plugged in. Where am I? I wondered, I I noticed the handle of a baseball bat sticking out of the broken glass that once was the screen of a television. At that moment my tongue felt a space in my mouth where one of my teeth used to be. Bringing my hand to my mouth I noticed the blood on my fingers. Nothing was making any sense and I wasn’t all that sure who or where I was.

A fairy appeared, not a gay guy, but a real live fairy, a short little doll baby of a fairy with big tits for a tiny thing. They seemed to kind of weigh her down preventing smooth fairy flight; or maybe she had been drinking or just wasn’t flying right.

Ding, the 10 minute mark - exercise over. Put down your pencils

Not sure what to think of that, but I’ll just move forward. One of the things that I’ve been revisiting in my mind is writing a one man show. The concept is that the show is a theatrical interpretation of my blog and life. Here it is: My story - In 90 minutes I get to take the audience of the ride of my life. The show is made up of many of the pivotal experiences I’ve dealt with. Universal things that many people can relate with on a personal level. Life, death, divorce, pain, overcoming all that shit. It’s a feel good story about growing up, trying to hang desperately on to a dream that was formed as a child. Monologues are broken up with sketches, tricks and audience participation.

The goal here is to keep it real and honest. I would like to start writing the show. I think I will. Right now.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

News Flash! • Homer Liwag DVD to be released

My old pal Homer Liwag is releasing a DVD soon. To view the trailer Click Here.

Here is a post from my last blog about hanging with Homer in Vegas in March. Click Here.

We go Waaaaayyyyyyy back. Homer is a great magician/designer/thinker/friend.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

In my "Out Box"

Mr. Pramik,

My name is Tom Frank, I provide high energy comedy magic. I recently moved to LA and I'm anxious to make some business contacts that will be mutually beneficial. I am in the process of sending out promo packs and demo DVD's. I'd like to invite you look at my promo pack or web site.

Having been a full time professional entertainer for over 20 years, I know how to entertain an audience. Please keep me in mind for any upcoming 4th quarter events, parties, meetings. . etc. .

When can we talk on the phone or set up a meeting to discuss your needs and how Industrial Strength Magic can help you achieve your goals.

Thank you for your time, interest and support. I look forward to talking to you in the near future. Please call me at 323.683.5844


Tom Frank


In my "Out Box"

Dear Dad,

Yes, I am here. Just living and enjoying my life. Trying to figure things out a little and dust the gears off in my mind. How are things in Hotlanta? Everybody good? I hope so.

This is where Buster is going to school Grant High School. I look forward to his getting to a point where he can lighten up a bit. He puts on a very good act of not being happy. The one good thing about his new approach is that when he does smile or laughs it brightens up the room even more.

I love my children and think that I'm ready to fully love them in a way that I couldn't while I was still fighting and invested in my own soul searching through the confusion. I have moved forward and feel great about life. Lots of new opportunities to make great things happen.

I'll call you later today and we can catch up.

I miss you and love you


PS Isn't being a father a wonderful thing? Even through the difficult times, I wouldn't trade any of it in for the world. You have seen me through many tough episodes and I will see my children through what ever is thrown their way. Thank you for helping give me the life that I have and enjoy.

In my "In Box" • Email from Jose


It's always a learning experience reading your blog. Your insights are inspiring.

Tim and I sessioned last night at Scotty and Gina's apartment. Scotty did Nate Leipzig's, Opener (an ace production) and Tim showed us one of Steve Amaden' self working tricks.

Anyways the reason for this note is.... The tricky wallet is my favorite effect. Here's the ending I've been using.

Tricky Wallet
Patter remains the same until you say, "well 2 out of 3 ain't bad.
After all I did find your card and I found your card."

Then look at the card that you last turned over (supposedly the signed
card) turn over the next card (as if you missed by one card) and say, "Wait a
second... that can't be... that's my lucky card. If that's my card,
what's in the wallet?"

What to you think?

your friend,



Love it!!! Amazing what impact changing even a few words will make. Good work Jose!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Pick yourself up

Nothings impossible I have found
For when my chin is on the ground
I pick myself up, dust myself off, start all over again

Don't lose your confidence if you slip
Be grateful for a pleasant trip
And pick yourself up, dust yourself off and start all over again

Work like a soul inspired till the battle of the day is won
You may be sick and tired but you'll be a man my son
Don't you remember the famous man who had to fall to rise again?
They picked themselves up, dust themselves off and started all over again


Today I'd like to research the option of a digital printer / direct mail company. If cost effective, would allow me to delegate to them any promo (postcards, brochures etc. . ) on an as needed basis. Whether I'm sending a few hundred, a thousand or just a few, there are companies that want my business. I might just give it to them. A basic question over the difference of web based vs printed promo delivered to your door makes you think. How do you effectively use printed promo to drive traffic to the site. Also what system of measurement will be used. The bottom line; gigs booked. My father used to say, "Reward results. . . not effort" I hated that phrase because I spent a lot of time working hard on something that was not producing as quick as I wanted. He also used to say, "If it works and makes you money, it was a good idea; if it doesn't. . . it was a shitty idea". Strange how the older you get the smarter your parents get.

Bingo! Postcard Mania • Click Here

Monday, September 18, 2006

Superman Returns

Buster and I went to see Superman Returns at the cheapies near our house. Got to like $3.00 movies ($2 before 6PM & $1.00 Hotdogs). Good movie, really enjoyed it.

View Trailer • Click Here

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Life is complicated. . . . or is it?

We live in a confusing world. Bombarded with thousand of messages, images, sounds and thoughts, every day, it's a wonder that we all get on as well as we do. From relationships, to careers, to kids, ex wives, money, sex, drugs and rock n roll. Dreams, flags, guns, blood, babies first steps, cups and balls, all roll and bounce around like a super-ball on meth. Pure joy, confusion, sorrow, pity, anger and resentment where does it end. . . or begin for that matter? With love in your heart and a smile on your face, that's where it starts. With the notion that you are unique and you have something very special to share with the world, you can make the difference in a total strangers day. . . . if you want to. . . . if you choose to. . . . if you do.

Getting in touch with a greater sense of mission is where I'm at. Trying to figure out how to use all the things I'm good at and package them into something completely new and exciting, useful and fun. Life is meant to be lived fully and hearts designed to love fully.

Good things are going to happen this week. Because I want them to and because I will make them happen.