Saturday, April 21, 2007

Video du Jour • San Francisco

Before taking our vacation in Northern California last week, I purchased a video camera. This was very exciting because I haven't had a video camera in a couple of years. Here is a little 5 minute taste of the visit. We had a delightful visit with Chris & Jeanette Karney.

View Video • Click Here

Friday, April 20, 2007

Back from a trip to Northern, CA

We just got back from San Francisco and Mendocino. In San Fran we visited with Chris Karney and his wife Jeanette, we also got to see Polly's friend Ruth who has been up there with Jersey Boys for the last 6 months. In Mendocino we visited Dack, Melosi and Kola. I hope to make a proper post and share my pics of the trip. Guess we'll see. We're happy to be back in our own bed and back in LA.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Card Man du Jour • Paul LePaul

Warner Bros. Photo Adventure • Click Here

Met Polly this afternoon in Burbank. She had been at work since 5:45AM. Security checked my drivers license against their list, checked my trunk, issued me a drive on pass and waved me on to a . . . working piece of motion picture history. Back lots are exciting places, full of unlimited possibilities. Every studio has one. In the picture, is the ambulance bay for the hit show ER.

I took a bunch of other pics of my private tour of the Warner Brothers Back Lot, to view them click in the title of this post