Friday, June 15, 2007

Price Hike

Rent, originally uploaded by velo_city.

I recently raised the price of my decks by $5. Now I offer the stripper deck and book for $30 and the Mental Photography Deck for $25. Sales have not slowed down.

My father taught me an important lesson early in my retail career (I owned Magic Shops and Specialty Toy Stores). It's not my job to determine what the market will bear. . . . that's their job. When sales go down, as a result of a price hike, that tells you something too.

Having taken my act out of my act, I'm as close to a pitchman as I've ever been.

Pitching decks since I was a kid, my formative years were behind the counter and in the back room of Haines House of Cards.

Still loving it after all these years. My 12 year run in the Magic Shop Business helped fine tune a pitch that makes them want to buy.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

send this one out to my girl

Waltzing around the palm trees, in the warm dessert air
your skin so fair
drinks from the bar
the music gently sways
and the look in your eyes so gay

A turn and a spin
my hand there, as yours fits in
I'm swimming in love
In a jacuzzi tub
rose petals and candles

fantasy is reality
every day and night
that I'm with you

Camp Paradise
where everything's nice
especially you



Houdini Bookplate

This bud's for you!


Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Moving again

It was a short year ago that both Polly and I were packing up our homes in preparation to start a new life together. Polly was giving up her rent controlled apartment in Los Feliz (not far from the Magic Castle), that she had lived in for 8 years and I was closing up shop at the Alki Beach Magic Studio.

Now we’re packing up the house that we rented in North Hollywood and moving 4.1 miles away to a different part of North Hollywood.

Polly did a great job of finding us another winner and even got 3 weeks free, to make the move at a nice relaxed pace. Were making daily loads of boxes to the new place and at the end of the month we’ll rent a truck to move all the furniture and larger pieces.

As much a pain in the ass as moving is, it’s kind of fun in a way. You touch everything you own. As I grab things and put them into boxes, I remember where I got them. I’m a pack rat and today realized that I still have every set of rings that I’ve ever used. My playing card collection, handcuffs, cups and balls all sorts of goodies that I’ve collected on adventures all over the world.

It’s a good life and sometimes I need to remind myself to count my many blessings. The world is a crazy place, pain and turmoil in a sea on uncertainty. I’ve had,what I thought to be hard times in my life, but as I listen to the news, I realize how lucky I am, blessed with the many things that make life good.

I’m gonna miss the built in bookshelves pictured above in the office. But I got to say I like the new place. Here are a couple of snapshots of the new place. It’s been freshly rehabbed with teak floors and marble. It has a wonderfully upscale feel with the jacuzzi tub and stall shower in the master bedroom. This house is also almost 500 sq. ft. bigger that the one were in. Got to like that.

The swords above the fireplace belong to the owners father in law. Hey, I collect cups. . . what am I gonna say? The place is wired for HD and surround sound. I got a feeing things are just going to get better and better.

I love Polly and my life here in California. A new chapter begins. Lots of optimism and an even tan. I’m at one with myself and my art. LIfe is good.

More boxes, tape, stacking, loading and unloading. . . the new place even has an alarm. . . cool.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Pitching Decks in December

Magician, originally uploaded by TheBadHorse.