Friday, December 28, 2007

Busker du Jour • The one and only "Gazzo"

Street performer, originally uploaded by kmsummers.

Off the web

venn Fingers, originally uploaded by diskgrinder.

Quote du Jour

"Often I think writing is a sheer paring away of oneself leaving always something thinner, barer, more meager."

– F. Scott Fitzgerald

Ho Ho Ho

, originally uploaded by Dai Vernon.

Recently sold on Ebay • Robert Houdin Fan


These fans were given to attendees to the Robert Houdin Theater. Beautiful detail, showing one side the entrance to the theater and the obverse several of the illusions to be performed, including his famous "Corne de Abondance".

It is estimated that this particular fan was made c 1850's, during the tenure of Pierre Ettiene Chocat (1612-1877) as director of the Theater from 1852-1861.

The fan is in remarkable state of near perfect conservation, bright and crisp and most importantly lovingly cared by all former owners for all these years.

This fan sold for a mere $6,300

Santa Monica • Ocean Blvd.

Santa Monica • Ocean Blvd., originally uploaded by Dai Vernon.

These pics were taken on Christmas Eve Day. I was working the Santa Monica Third Street Promenade. It was in the mid 70's and I got to say life is good. I wish the tips were better but the beautiful day was good enough for me.

Later that night Polly and I went out for Chinese food.

Tom Frank • Magician, originally uploaded by Dai Vernon.

HD Video Review

HD Video Library


April 2007 • I think this was the first tape I shot in HD

April 12th Polly in Living room 6430 Charlesworth

April 13th 11:37AM Backyard and Driving w/ Polly

April 13th 7:00PM Jersey Jim working the City Walk

Cups & Balls interesting shoot from the bridge above

Alfie in 24P

Duck Boy and Cinema Plaza



April/May 2007

April 28th Hanging w/ Gordy

May 1st 9:37AM Polly & Gordy talking about watering system

May 1st 6:44PM Hanging w/ Chris Korn at a bar talking about false cuts. Chris and I demonstrate some esoteric false cuts. Chris amazes the waitress.

May 2nd 11:36AM Polly cutting my hair in Kitchen of 6430 Charlesworth

May 3rd 11:28AM Fun at the Getty Villa in Malibu

May 3rd 2:36PM Lunch at Malibu Fish Joint

May 3rd 2:42PM Parachute Surfer

May 3rd 6:06PM Polly back at home

May 3rd 6:15PM Driving to City walk w/ Pops
Dad tapes me working

May 3rd 8:33PM Flattop works Fountain Court

May 10th 1:08 PM Backyard practice footage Coin Magic

May 10th 7:29 PM City Walk Cards (poker deal, Dr. Daley)


May 2007

May 5

Rumba Room
Hollywood Hills From City Walk
City Walk Kids in fountain and Cool Breeze

May 7th 2:19PM Venice Beach Kam & Korn

Curtis performs a coin routine
Chris do a little bit

May 9th 1:06PM Amoeba Records

Entrance from garage
Retail showroom

May 9th 7:12PM Practice footage at citywalk

Low camera angle(table top)
4 Ace production
Cigar and cards macro - great resolution. How do I exploit macro shots they’re bad ass

May 12th 4:19PM City Walk

Sha Shaty - Sax Player at City Walk
Alfie - Magician at City Walk (He was in the Prestiege as the Magician who killed the canary)

May 13th 11:48PM Cubanis (Dead cover band) Venice beach Club Good Hurt

Aaron Fisher & Alex hanging out after the club

May 15th 12:05PM

Beautiful Kind Bud Shot
Sam, Working Hollywood & Highland pitching decks and doing tricks. He gave up street performing after a month of struggling. Not as easy as it looks. I bought all of his inventory from him.

Daniel Davenport Ball maipulation

May 16th 7:32PM Practice Footage from City walk