Thursday, April 24, 2008

In my "Out Box"

Recently sold on Ebay • Houdini Poster


An outstanding specimen of this original poster!

Mounted on acid free paper and linen, carefully washed, bleached and mounted by professionals!

This poster is in near mint condition and a true investment quality piece.,

You have seen others, BUT this one is in exceptional condition, outstanding colors and perfect seam matching.

Measures 106 by 81".

Sold for $10,100

Charlie Chaplin • Dance of the dinner rolls


I've been spending a fair amount time in the dentists chair these days. Trying to deal with a mouthful of problems and a decades of neglect.

Two appointments yesterday. First appt. to remove the protective pack from the pocket reduction surgery and remove stitches from the gum job and bone graft I endured last week. The afternoon appointment was to deal with a newly broken tooth on the side. I'm impressed with the quality of care I receive at the UCLA School of Dentistry. . . . and the price.

It doesn't make it any easier. There's a reason I hadn't been to the dentist in years. . . they scare the hell out of me. There I said it. "Hi, my name is Tom. . . and I'm a Pussy". . . "Hi Tom!"

The gum surgery was, as aggressive a dental procedure I ever had the bad fortune to deserve. Sure I had the nitrus going and the ipod in my ears. . . but let me tell you the sound of scrapping bone ringing in your ears in enough to drive you crazy.

I get my self so worked up before, during and after. It's not rational. Not wanting multiple shots in the roof of your mouth. . . OK, that's rational. But wigging out even though I can't feel pain. . . that's something I'd like to work on.

After many visits of drilling, removing decay and older cracked fillings, my mouth is finally decay free. Many of the teeth have medicated temporary fillings but it looks good that only one them will need a root canal. Now that the leg work is done, we will begin rebuilding. I need a bunch of crowns and 1 implant. Oy! I'm not sure what it will look like when were all done, but I'm hoping for a new smile. . . . a winning smile. 25 years of cigar smoking can be rough on the look of teeth. Trust me, I've never taken such good care of my teeth as now.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

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Monday, April 21, 2008

Busker du Bore

An underbelly in any thriving metropolis. In the eyes of some, a step up from homeless beggars. . . they are the street performers. In their own eyes they fight for a cause, living on their own terms no matter the cost. Probably not as interesting as the homeless guy. They play the guitar with hula hoops and dancing chickens tap dance. They drink cheap booze, fart out loud and even like a lap dance.

So why do we do it day after day
I don’t even know if I’m gonna get paid

It’s real, it’s fun. . . it’s not real fun. . . but it can be

When it’s good, and there is connection
like tonight
and everything’s all right

Dig it.

In my "In Box"

All Street Performers,

The president of Universal Citywalk was walking the street the other day noticed a few performers & locations not up to Citywalk's standards. I just Spent 2 hours in a meeting discussing the Street Performer Program and the handbook. I also spent most of the time discussing the importance of having Performers on Citywalk.

Musical Acts
* Instrument cases, boxes, dolly's that are not in use during your performance, please take it back to your car and store it there.

All Performers
*Dress appropriately... You were not hired with ripped jeans and sandals.

All Performers
*Watch your sound levels. Next month if anyone gets two complaints regarding sound they will be dismissed from the street performer Program.

Cinema Plaza
( Performers are only allowed to perform in front of the stage ) Once again, if you perform to the Left, Right or on top of the stage, You are not in the right spot ! Center of Cinema Plaza is not an option, you will be sent home and dismissed from the program on the spot!

Star Bucks Area
There is a construction wall, please relocate yourself next to the wall ( not by the SB fence ) That would allow entrance for amphitheater guests through the gates. ( if you have any questions please call me )

Lastly, entertainment Coordinators are on site watching you day and night now. If You have a question or any issues call hilltop operations and they will call the entertainment coordinator that is on site. ( That is if I am not on Citywalk )

I need the following individuals to call me to discuss the following
info :

Cases need to be stored in your car.

Cases need to be stored in your Van.

Sound levels, are extreme.

Please call to discuss

Your sound levels are extreme.

XXXXXXXXXXX (this guy is a magician)
Dress code, area presentation, and taping the area.

Please call me to discuss

10'10 Canopy was not approved. Call me to discuss options and ideas. I think you had some great ideas we can present.

Star Bucks area watch your Sound level. The guests in the movie theater can hear you.

Also if you guys trade places, you need approval from me first.



Luckily I was not on the list, but it does give you some idea of the scrutiny, the the performers and the program regularly undergo.

The street performer coordinators are regularly taking digital pictures to present to the brass.

I haven't smoked a cigar at my pitch since my last warning a couple of months ago.

All a part of the new world order.

John Lennon • Watching The Wheels

Street Performing is HARD

It’s a simple formula that Cellini taught me years ago:

Get the Crowd

Keep The Crowd

Get The Money

Not so easy to carry out

Sometimes the hardest part is filling your heart with love before you go out and say. . . it’s not about the money, it’s about the art and mystery and happiness of life, magic and love.

This can sound like a bunch of crap, especially when rent is due. . . . or over due. . . or child support that I can’t pay because I don’t have it.

Everything works out in the end

Soon enough I will be in peak season and making enough to pay all my bills. Brow beating myself, exasperating my frustration only makes me hate myself. . and I can’t have that.

I will begin to solicit work, dust off my, now dulled, marketing skills and begin to hone and sharpen this so called career of mine.

Plenty of work here in LA. Time to get what’s mine.

Busker du Jour

rabbit ears, originally uploaded by susanlee828.

Fixing a hole. . .

Tough few weeks. It started thinking about Busters’ 18th birthday. I sent him a letter and a $500 check. . . still no word. It’s been over a year since I’ve heard his voice or had any direct communication. C’est la vie. . . .

I put in a call to my other 3 kids in Washington State on Easter. Hope tried calling back, but I missed her call. Left a message for Max, Hope & Liam yesterday, got no call back. Hopes’ birthday is on May 5th and I wanted to find out what she wants for her birthday. Coupled with an overwhelming sense of loss (I miss my kids and obsess about them daily), The last few weeks have been some of the toughest weeks financially at work.

For me, it’s about acknowledging that my head is so far up my ass I can’t see. Next step, removing head from ass and trying to avoid the strong vacuum.

Next step is embracing the notion that my self worth is not dependant on anything external.

Feeling better already. Cigar in hand, Wide Spread Panic, blaring through the headphones.

I am a good person, I have friends and family who love me. The sun is shining and it’s a good day to be alive.