Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Hanging with the Doctor

Tom Frank & Doc Eason, originally uploaded by Dai Vernon.


83 degrees and sunny, not a cloud in the sky. A perfect California day for mid March. Last night was St. Patty’s Day and Aaron and I found ourselves at a little club called Marlins, in Huntington Beach to see a Grateful Dead cover band named Cubensis. 2nd time in a few weeks that we had been there. Last for Aaron’s B’day. Josh was there as well as Mr. Fisher’s date, Adam and Amanda Grace. Both times hoot and hollering good times. Dancing to the music we love so much. Always fun to party with the freaks.

Speaking of freaks, My pal Chris Karney was down visiting LA, a week or so ago. He was staying with his friend Daniel, “The Rubber Boy”. I hooked up with him at the Magic Castle. Fun night, after the banquet the night before the awards. Lot of electricity in the place. Hanging out in the WC Fields Bar was Sylvester the Jester, Chris Karney, Losander, Aaron Fisher and a gaggle of other folks. Later in the evening I got to spend some time with Doc Eason who, the following evening was presented by the Academy of Magical Arts “Close Up Magician of the Year”! Congrats my friend!

The next day I went down to Rubber Boy’s loft in the Artist Colony “The Brewery” (a converted old Pabst Beer Brewery. We walked to a nearby burger joint for lunch and enjoyed an afternoon of interesting conversation. I’m lucky to know such strange and fascinating people. Chris and I went up to the roof to shoot some video. I have a project in mind that delves into the creative process and wanted to test some interview footage with Mr. Karney. Content great, audio, not so much. REally need to boom it or go with a handheld or lav. Wind was a factor on a downtown rooftop. I like Chris and what he has to say about the art that we have made our lives.

He’s a rebel with a belly full of booze. Cigarette smoking wise cracking obnoxious motherfucker. . . but I think he’s great.

Check out this clip of him fro a couple of years ago