Tuesday, June 22, 2010

In my "In Box" (I have fans!)

Hello Tom,

Me and my twin boys were at Universal Studios on Thursday and Friday of last week 6/17 & 6/18 2010. On Thursday on the way out. around 7 PM we caught a glimpse of your performance (less then a minute of it).

We could not stay long as we had to meet some friends for dinner and were in a rush.

All my boys could keep asking was if we could come see you the next day since we were coming back. Well we saw your performance on Friday evening around the same time. 7 PM'ish.

You were awesome. A true performer and my boys really enjoyed your magic. They have been performing magic tricks themselves for 2 years now since they were 8. They are 10 now and still very much interested in Magic.

It was cold that night and you made a comment about getting wet in the water fountains. Well you probably did not notice it, but I was soaked to the bone after playing with the kids in Universal Studios in the water park. Good thing for them they brought a change of clothes, but since I did not I was freezing later that night as you were performing and doing business. I wanted to stay longer and so did the boys but we couldn't. We were just freezing your yatchez off.

All three of us wanted to thank you so much and let you know how awesome your magic is.

Keep up the good work and I have subscribed to your blog so we can stay in tune with what you are up to.

Thank you again,

Luke, Justin & Trevor.

P.S. We are from Vegas, but when we are in SO Cal Again in a few months, we might try to make it out to the Citywalk again.

What time do you usually show up and leave? Are you there 7 days a week?