Friday, January 07, 2011

"Time flies like an arrow; fruit flies like a banana."

Happy New Year!!! A week into the new year and life moves on full force. So much has happened in the last year and strangely I have less to say these days. The biggest news of 2010 is that Polly and I bought a house in Van Nuys! That's right, we're homeowners! Exciting news! Polly and I have decided to live happily ever after. We love our 1953 house in the valley. It's been exciting unpacking all our stuff that was in storage for over a year.

I'm such a lucky guy to be in such a fulfilling and healthy relationship. Polly rocks my world. We've known each other for 30 years (met when we were both 15, attending the School for the Creative & Performing Arts). She lived down the street from me growing up. We've been together for almost 5 years now and not one argument. . . I shit you not!

Here we are in the entertainment capital of the world, both doing our thing. She's does Hair on CSI:Miami and I'm a Magician. We have two cats who we love dearly and spend as much time as we can with each other. Life is strange, wonderful, crazy, stressful and magical all at the same time. Finding someone that can love you fully and that you can love, be with, admire and adore is what it's all about. Cause at the end of the day. . . . it can be lonely. . . no matter who you are. We all want to be loved and accepted. Polly takes care of me and I take care of her. I don't know how I got so lucky.

Other good news of 2010 was getting back in with the Magic Castle in Hollywood. Jack Goldfinger booked me for a week in July and then bunch of dates in December. I hadn't worked there in 18 years and it felt good to be back on the bill. Although I had been visiting the club for the last 4 years; it wasn't till meeting Jack that I felt so welcome and appreciated. I have a handful of friends at the Castle but like most magic scenes, the community can seem cliquish (is that a word).

So, I'm settling in to the second half of my life. Looks like were digging in to stay. I'll find my way in this town and carve a piece out for myself. Yesterday I spent 2 hours at the gym, 3 hours on the golf course (w/ Alfonso and Wally), an hour running around getting things done and a few hours working in the evening at the Universal City Walk. Lots of opportunity to advance my career. Might be time to get serious about it. Yes it is!


Tuesday, January 04, 2011

In my "In Box" through Facebook


You don't know who I am but I was a friend of your sister Margie's when she was at Walnut Hills. This past summer I spent some time corresponding with your neice Nicole when I saw one of her posts on the WHHS page looking for information regarding her mother. I remembered spending time at your house and how wonderful your mother and sister were, so I was able to provide Nikki with a little bit of insight on the smiling carefree girl that I remembered. Nikki truly enjoyed learning about her mother from a non-family perspective.

Needless to say I am shocked and saddened to just now learn of Nikki's unexpected passing. She wrote so many wonderful things about how close she felt to you and her siblings and also about how excited she was to be coming back to Cincinnati.

Again, I'm truly sorry for your family's loss. I'll keep your mother, Margie and Nikki in my thoughts.