Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Harry Connick,JR - Our Love Is Here To Stay

In my "In Box"

Hey Tom:

Just want to drop you a note of "congrats" on your recent performance at the "Magic Castle" Yes...I have been watching your site and blogs for many years. I myself have been into magic for over 50 years. Everything from your Street Magic at Fairs in Atlanta is great and L.A. is "so great" . No one can do your linking ring routine and although "Chris Capehart" is good...I believe yours is better. I also know that you have experienced many "bumps" along this road of life. But still you have managed to get through them and go to work every day. I have learned much from watching you (no I do not copy your act)..but have learned audience management and communication skills.

Wishing you continued success and "Man did you ever look cool in the Tux at the Castle". Last year at Abbott's (I was on the show) I spent time with Kozmo and mentioned that he should do a segment on street entertainers and certainly mentioned your name for an interview on "Reel Magic" for a future edition. As you would say...If you don't answer this be it.....I know you are one of the "chosen people with gifts"

Best my friend

Marien Hopman




Your note warmed my heart and made me smile! Thanks for taking the time to make my day! This is a good thing, the magic that has filled our lives with adventure, mystery and happiness. You flatter me with your comment about the ring routine. I have about 30 years of work in on the Jack Miller Routine with his poetic patter. So glad you like it.

Always a pleasure to make a new friend.



Tom Frank

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Please keep in touch.