Sunday, August 21, 2011

Fantasia at the Hollywood Bowl

Last night Polly and I enjoyed our last date night at the Hollywood Bowl for the summer. The program, Fantasia!

Nearly 75 years ago, Walt Disney used the skill of his world-class animators to visualize the world of classical music. The result: Walt Disney’s Fantasia. In celebration of the 20th anniversary of the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra, John Mauceri returns to recreate this magic – an evening of selections from the classic film with clips on the Bowl’s big screen accompanied live by the orchestra. You’ll see your favorites, plus a glimpse into the brilliant artwork and unfinished segments of this Disney masterpiece. The evening ends with fireworks that complement the spectacular beauty of this cinematic triumph.

We enjoyed dinner at Lido Pizza around the corner from the house, then headed in to Hollywood for a romantic evening snuggled beneath a blanket, under the stars of a California sky.

Here's a taste of the evenings entertainment!

What a treat to see the film in a freshly restored format created from the original negatives. Movie on the big screen, backed up by the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra playing the synchronized score live, how cool is that!?

Besides the parts of Fantasia that I was familiar with, the program was peppered with other unfinished storyboards from the movie that were never finished as well as a tripped out flick by Salvador Dali. All in all an exceptional evening!