Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Smash & Stab

While enjoying lunch at the Magic Castle on Friday. We were all discussing Smash & Stab. Jon Armstrong asked an important question, "What is the effect?"

Here are a few answers I came up with:

1) In a Russian Roulette style game, I avoid implaing my hand on a spike.

2) Through a dangerous demonstration of elimination, a new take on "Risk" is understood

3) I actually fuck up and impale my hand, becoming a youtube sensation for a day and hurting my hand for the rest of my life.

4) A demonstration of psycometry. By touching the spectators hand and recieving non verbal ques I avoid harm.

5) A hidden object is magically located.


Script beginning to take shape. Thinking about how I might intoduce the Monty Hall Problem, within the context of Risk Management

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

In my "In Box" • Hair today, gone tomorrow

Hey Tom:

Just watched your recent "videos" doing the "Three Card Miracle" (don't know the real name) of this effect....and also your adaptation
of the oldest trick in magic history the "Cups and Balls" (you are probably one of the best that should go down in magic history)

As far as I am concerned..and I have written you before...I think your Act is Great...(p.s. I am still trying to convince Kozmo to put you and other street magicians on some future "Reel Magic DVD release".)

Now...please listen my Jewish Friend....

And if you take this wrong....and give me Hell....I will accept it......

Tom.......you are too young...to get into the James Randi appearance!!!!!!!

Personally..(and if you write me to give me hell that's O.K.)...but Tom.....please go back to the "Good Ole Days"

I hate your surface beard...I hate the fact of hair loss...and I hate the fact that this make you look like "James Randi"

Please consider my friend..to spend a few pesso's to shave your beard...and maybe get some hair device..(rug or transplant)..

But Tom...I think you will benefit....and work more for a younger crowd..then us old Bastard's....

It's just that I was a bit shocked at your recent Magic Castle Video...the magic was tops...but you looked a bit old....

So.....if you want to tell me to F....OF......that's O.K...maybe I just don't want one of my Magic Idols to be and Old Man..

Don Alan Did it.....Neil Foster Did It.....Randy Wakeman Did it...and if I was loosing my top...I would do it too..

Love you may Friend.



I wish I lived closer so I could smoke cigars...drink whiskey or brandy with you and share what the "real magic is"


My response

Dear Marien,

I would never give you hell or tell you to F#@k off. You are one of my few fans. I do remember your kind words from last years email.

Trust me, for years I have thought about my balding and the notion of looking older. At some point I made a decision that I wanted to grow old gracefully. . . whatever that means.

Society and specifically the entertainment industry is a youth driven business and puts disproportionate pressure on youth and beauty. Good thing I'm not in the Entertainment Industry (in Los Angeles, that means television and film). I'm a street performer and trick deck pitchman. I'm a 46 year old twice divorced, father of 4. In reality. . . I look my age. . . I guess. As for the beard, a lot of it has turned white. That's life I guess. I keep the beard in the winter, because it keeps my face warm. I work outdoors and it can be cold at times. I thought about dying the beard, but; as quick a beards grow I would have to dye the roots every other day. I'm lazy and not that vain.

Polly, who has spent her professional career as a hairdresser for TV & Film (and knows how to hand make a wig) Loves me for who I am. A short, bald, chubby, jew. That's good enough for me. It's not likely, even with a rug, that fame or fortune is coming my way. I gave up on that dream years ago. The new dream, is to live the rest of my life with a heart full of love doing what makes me happy. Polly makes me happy, my family makes me happy. I love performing magic and trying to make other people happy. It's all good.

If being me, makes me look like an 83 year old gay man, then so be it.

Thank you for your time, interest and support. I too would enjoy drinking and smoking with you. If you ever get out to LA, look me up and we'll have a great time!


Tom Frank


Frick......you are hilarious............
Tom...."Thanks for the quickie reply"............................Glad you took it in good spirits (although the other type of spirits taste better)....LOL...

I have many Jewish friends....and don't forget you are "The chosen people"....

Although I am not a professional....magician....(but a professional who works part time....ala...Gene Anderson)...I have been in "Sales" for 40 years. I know a lot about selling...and have been successful at it. Selling and Magic are the same...and I have given many talks on sales to various companies in the past. In Magic...we have patter...in sales it is called organized language. In Magic we have props...in sales we have tangible products or sales concepts. But all in all whether you are selling products or a service...we are in "the people business". You have to know how to handle people...handle objections and overcome them....build a repoir...and make them like you.

Let's face it Tom...if they don't like you and think you are a conceited jerk...they just won't buy from you....LOL....LOL....
Thank you for your honesty...and I am so glad that you have found the "true treasure" in life. It's not things....It's not money (although money helps)....it relationships..and friends... Whenever I am down a bit ....I go an watch "Noodle Joint"...you kill me in this one...and anyone who is not a true Magic Addict...would not
understand this whole video...

Wishing all the best....in your "Trick Deck Sales...& Magic Street performances"....

Whew....now I can sleep again..because I thought I had offended you my friend...


Marien Hopman


pix of me and David Merry...if you know who the hell he is............ha..ha..ha........(working a gig together)