Wednesday, March 05, 2008

A Charming Film

Saturday, Sunday, Monday

Saturday night I had a strolling gig. Polly’s friend Darla, who she worked with on Scrubs & Dirty Sexy Money hired me to work her birthday party. Lots of industry types and a few actors I recognized from TV.

Lots of fun and nice to put on a suit for a change. My sets were well received and she said I got great feedback. Darla is a trip, She’s got Polly on the Pussy Trapping Amway Program. We trap neighborhood stray cats, take them to a place where they are neutered, washed, flea dipped, given shots, then we release them back where they were trapped. It’s fun, good for the cats and the community. Darla is also Neil Diamonds’ personal hair and make-up person when he tours.

Sunday I met Dan Sylvester “The Jester” at the Castle for a late evening of discussion. Always a pleasure to spend time with my old soul brother. He showed me his latest completed comic book about ugly little critters called “Tater Bugs”. We ran into Max Maven who is the new Entertainment Director at the Magic Castle. He said that he would be happy to look my promo tape. I wouldn’t mind booking a week at the Castle.

Monday I had lunch with Aaron Fisher, his girlfriend Amy and Todd Karr. We were celebrating Aaron’s 32nd birthday!!! Happy B’day Pal!! After lunch Aaron, Amy and I to a nice hike in Bronson Canyon (up near the Hollywood Sign).

The nice weather is back, it’s been in the upper 70’s. Loving life, trying to eat right, exercise and sharing all the love in my heart. It’s a good life.

Carter-the-Great-Magician, originally uploaded by Old Catalogs.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Wednesday Afternoon Session @ Dean Dill's Barber Shop

Always a good time. Click pics to enlarge. Highlights included a woman with a mind reading dog. She was workshopping the act. Never seen a dog do "Out of this world".