Saturday, May 10, 2008

Jerry Garcia Band

Celebrated my 43 birthday with Aaron Fisher at The Mint to see the Jerry Garcia Band. Quite a tribute to keep the flame alive in community of lost puppies. We partied with the freaks and got our groove on. I felt a lot of love. I thought about how much I love Polly and wished she was there. She was and still is at work. It's 4:30AM and I just left Raleigh Studios where they are under the gun to finish the last show of the season. While I danced with reckless abandon to the bad ass styling of Melvin Seals on the Hammond B3 Organ; entertainment was being manufactured one tedious hour after hour. I feel for all these people as they work their asses off to give you a diversion from your own reality.

The club was small and the crowd thickened up nicely. After work at the Citywalk, I headed over to Aaron's for a mini jam session that continued after the show. I saw a couple of things that I had never seen before and felt privileged to be discussing things of this matter.

All morning in bed with my girl. Curled up with a big smile on my face. Camp paradise ROCKS.

Jerry Garcia was a magical man with a powerful musical presence. That presence was felt as Melvin and the JGB brought it home. An entertaining evening in Hollywood.

this is the band we saw. This cat cops Jerry's licks nicely. Nostalgic vibe and just great music. I love it. Listen to it. See if you can feel it. I'm betting you can.

The Thrill is Gone (required viewing, part of the curriculum) • Jerry Garcia & David Grisman (Ricky Jay Cameo)

Wednesday, May 07, 2008


Quote du Jour

"To a man who has hammer, everything looks like a nail"

- Mark Twain

Monday, May 05, 2008

Mallini, originally uploaded by Donna Lethal.