Monday, May 04, 2009

Hope's Birthday

Why must I dredge up those painful times,
why do I do that to me

why can’t I look at the love in my heart
and know that it sets me free

I have a way of behaving
and to know me is to . . . know me
and if you don’t like it
I might tell you to . . . well you get the idea

Rules were meant for something
I guess
but not for me
I live in my own hood
far far from reality
is that so bad?
does it make you mad?
I ain’t sad and it ain’t no fad

not looking for much in this life
except to try and make the world a better place
one smile at a time

The cards were dealt, not in my favor
but I’ve won a few hands since then
and should count my blessings

So say what you will
you willy nilly
I won’t stop you

It is what it is
and that’s the end of the story