Thursday, December 17, 2009

Ebay Question

Q: I am interested in picking up a set of these cups but I would like a bit of security first. I know that a lot of Phoenix sets do not stack properly or stick together a bit. They might wobble a around on each other while stacked. Not good. So what I ask of you is could you test them out? You say you have six sets so I think that at least one of them would stack well. If you could stack up the sets and let me know if one has no wobble I would pick one of these up. The last set of these I got wobbled pretty bad and made them awkward to use in performance. I just want to know what I am getting this time around. Thanks,

Dylan Dec-17-09

A: Dylan, All the cups are made from the same die/chuck. I think, they are what they are. Some people love them, others don't. Best I can say is that I would offer a money back guarantee if your not satisfied. Or I might recommend the Johnson Cups for perfect cups in the same price range. Personally I love the cups, and use them all the time with no problem. Here is a bit of practice footage using the chrome plated Phoenix Cups.

Phoenix Cup Footage • Click Here


Tom Frank

15min. after I responded I got another email

Holy Cow! I had no idea I was talking to the actual Tom Frank! I have seen that routine before and I must say that there is a lot of elegance. I always enjoy your drop vanish. Looks great every time.

Perhaps it would be better if I told you what I was looking for. I just want a nice set that will hold a larger load. A tennis ball is really what I am shooting for. I understand that some of the sets can hold a tennis ball and still lie flat on the table. If you have a set that will do this then really I am fine.

I have always wondered what you do with your cups after you switch them for new undented ones. Have you considered selling your old sets. I for one would be interested if the price was right. Just for the sentimental value.

As always,