Sunday, January 24, 2010

In my "In Box"


The eagle has landed, er, I mean the Phoenix! All I can say is WOW. This is the very best money I have spent in magic in years! I am just so pleased and surprised...................The cups, the wand, the balls, the presentation case................what a delight and will be a source of laughter and amazement for me and many for years to come. So thank you, thank you :-)
Just a few questions if it is OK? About how old are the cups (a collectors question)? And do you have any more for sale? Will you be making/getting any more? If you have more to sell, how many sets would you be willing to sell me and at what price? Not to worry, even if all the answers are no............ I thank you for this beautiful set of cups and balls. All the best, Roy

PS Although I am a performer, I do own 9 other sets, the original Charlie Miller and Bret Sherwood Silver/Gold included.



I'm very happy that you like the cups. As for their age, I went to China in 1998 and had 1000 sets made ( so, I guess that would make them 12 years old). Out of the 1000 sets I'm down to the last 5 sets. I don't feel like I have enough to discount too much, so I will be selling them on Ebay w/ a starting bid of $150 and a buy it now price of $170.

Again, thanks for your business, I appreciate it greatly!


Tom Frank

PS I'm listing another set this afternoon