Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tayade Indian Cups

In all my years of using Tayade Balls (Haines House of Cards, where I grew up, was their leading US Distributor) I had never seen a set in green! Anyone else seen such a thing?

These 20th Century wooden cups, by the Indian maker D. A. Tayade, are based on an ancient, traditional design.

Unlike Western traditional conical cups, these do not stack and the knob on top is used to lift and manipulate the cups. Despite the technical differences, the structure of such routines is similar in that small cork balls appear, vanish and transpose between the cups, ultimately leading to the surprising revelation of something other than small balls (larger balls or fruit) under the cups.

The traditional Indian performers, known in Hindi as “Jadoo Wallah,” perform the cups seated on the ground, rather than sitting at or standing behind a table.

My old pal Homer Liwag

Homer, originally uploaded by b3n01t.

Homer Liwag - The Rice Papers DVD Teaser from theory11 on Vimeo.

THE RICE PAPERS - outtake reel from theory11 on Vimeo.