Sunday, July 25, 2010

Death don't have no mercy

Nikki • RIP (this shit SUCKS!)

Death is kinda final

not for me to say but is

Phone call on a Sunday morning

out of the Norm.

Nikki, what the fuck happened!

this wasn't supposed to go down this way!

We talked two days ago for a half an hour or more

what would Gramsie think as you floated out the door!?

Conflicted emotions, I'm all broken up
I don't know what to say. . WTF!!

Life is so full of uncertain twists and turns
a young mother marries and a child is born

But the mother barley gets her foot out the door
before her life vanishes and she is no more

Nikki, why did you go?
Why did you leave us?

was it your disappointment
or a grievance?

Life is a strange game where the stakes are high
and so am I
so why

why. . . do the innocent die so young

why. . do we go on. . .

why is life so cruel

Broken up and sad
we weren't that close

you were family
that mattered the most.