Monday, May 30, 2011

In my "In Box"

Hello Mr. Frank,

I'm a member of the Magic Castle and I caught your performance last week in the W.C Fields Bar. I really enjoyed your show. All of your routines were awesome and I really enjoyed your linking rings routine. I have been studying a number of routines myself, like Richard Ross and Wit Haden, but I could not find one that would work for me.

Is the routine you performed on the market? Or is it your own private show piece? I totally understand if you would like to keep it to yourself. I just thought I'd ask because I think it is very entertaining. Thanks for the good show.

Respectfully yours,



(My Response)


Thanks for the kind words, you flatter me. I do have a DVD on the routine, $30 + 4 S&H ( you can send money to Pay Pal to )

Have a GREAT day!

Here is a clip from the DVD

Thanks for your interest!


Tom Frank