Thursday, September 29, 2011

Beautiful September Day

What a gorgeous day! 84 degrees blue skies and sunny. What's not to like? Got an hour or so before heading to work, thought I'd make a little blog post.

Been a pretty good week. Played a round of golf with Alfonso. Got to visit Polly at the Studio. For those of you who don't know, Polly is a hairdresser for CSI:Miami. She works long hours and we don't see all that much of each other Monday through Friday, so it's always nice when I can visit her for lunch or she comes home early. Another bonus, catering had prepared steak for lunch! Living the life! When ever I visit, I like to take a picture or two. Here are a couple from my most recent visit.

It's amazing how many people it takes, doing so my different things to make a tv show come off. Amazing really.

I love Polly and appreciate all that she brings to my life. Smitten, if I do say so myself.