Wednesday, July 26, 2006

An afternoon and evening with the freaks

Started the day off by failing my emissions test. Always nice to get that sort of thing out of the way before 9:30AM. Polished up a couple sets of cups to ship out, futzed around the house, had a nice lunch at home with my girl. Called Dan up and made plans to meet at his home in Bellflower.

I had been looking forward to seeing Danny's work space, the crazy place where he makes all that insane shit he uses. I was not disappointed. Nothing was what it seemed.


Here is a buddy of Dan's I was introduced to. . . and I thought Danny was weird!


I recognized some of Dan's early paintings from when we lived together all those many years ago.


Here's Dan the man morphing into Sylvester the Jester. I had to hit him in the head with an cast iron frying pan to stop the process.


More art, old and new


A drawing of the Amazing Johnathan Dan did. Dan said Johnathan didn't like this one cause cause it made his huge, tree trunk of a neck look too much like his own.


Dan's awards for winning the competition in Monaco


A closer look at one


More home made props.


A charcoal drawing dan did way back when he studied art in college.


More wacky art in his bedroom. The scary one is titled, "The devil inside of Elliot"


After the tour of the Sylvester Estate, we headed to pay Mike Williams a visit. Mike owns and runs Clowning Around an entertainment company. He used to book us back in the day and was happy to hear I was back in town. It would be nice to do business together again after all these years.


Next we went to SteveO's house where we hooked up with Tracy Buck (another roommate with Dan and me from 20 years ago. . . my how time flies), and I met SteveO's wife and son. Both SteveO and Tracy are talented artists as well. Here is one of SteveO's pieces.


Here is one of Tracy's many projects, an educational comic book that might be an animated show for kids on TV. Good work Tracy! They've already shot a couple pilot episodes.


Dan, Tracy, SteveO, his wife (her name escapes me), &their son Neil


After hanging out a bit we went and got some Mexican Food for dinner and caught a flick at the Bridge in West Chester. We saw a cool 3-D movie called Monster House.

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