Monday, July 17, 2006

Visit with Chris Karney

Chris Karney Web Site • Click Here


Here are some of Chris's props. He makes all his own stuff and does a great job in his workshop. It's a very good old school set of skills to be able to use a variety of power tools.


After loading up the truck with the help of my magic friends, I headed off to start a new life in LA. I enjoyed the drive to San Francisco where I stopped to visit a pal and his wife. They live in a beautiful apartment in North Beach. . . . not bad at all!


Chris Karney is a name to listen for. He is a comedy magician in the true sense of the word. We discussed the elements of comedy and styles of presentation. Interesting dialog about the mechanics of comedy. Weird when you start breaking it down.


I like his brash irreverance. He pushes the envelope of good taste than backs off a little, this goes on through his act with an ebb and flow.


At 29 years old he is wise beyond his years and should have an interesting life in show business. We hung out for a few hours, went to the coffee shop, talked tricks, technique and thoery. Good time.


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Timmy Jimmy said...

Looks like a dick head...??? No?