Monday, August 07, 2006

A beautiful afternoon in Malibu

My morning started as as most of them do these days, with Polly waking me up with a kiss. She told me that breakfast was almost ready and that I needed to get up and make the eggs. We both love to cook and help each other in the kitchen. We had a great breakfast and discussed what was on the agenda for the day. Polly does so much for me and is an efficient administrator of my schedule. She called Buster's new school for me and arranged for us to make the short trip from our house to pick up his enrollment packet. Damn I love this woman!!


We worked around the house today. I researched portable sound systems and Polly hooked me up with a friend of hers who is in the audio end of Film and TV production. As he is also a musician, he told me of some local resources that might be able to help me out with my audio needs for the street. I also spent some time on the Magic Cafe reading magician reviews of various portable PA's.

Polly asked me what I wanted to do in the afternoon and I confessed that what I really wanted to do was to take a nice cigar walk on the beach. She thought that sounded like a great idea and off we went to Malibu. Through the Santa Monica Mountains we drove, my mouth open wide with the splendor and beauty of our surroundings.


When I said I wanted to go to the beach I had no idea what a great time I was in for. I had never been to Malibu before. When I lived in LA back in the day I lived in Orange County and Huntington Beach was was my cigar walking beach. The day was turning out even better than I had expected! Mansions on the hill, perfect 77 degree weather, a wonderful breeze, a cigar in one hand and Polly's hand in the other. We walked along the beach for a half hour or so then, on the flip side got the blanket out of the car and enjoyed the rest of my cigar on the beach.


It's so nice being in love. Truly I never thought it would happen again. But here we are, having know each other for a quarter century, enjoying our new life together. We get along so well, that most people upon spending any amount of time with us, immediately excuse themselves to throw up. That's love for you!


On the drive home we stopped at on overlook to take a picture. Moments after getting in the car, I smelled something awful. At the overlook I had stepped in something before getting back in the car. My God! It smelled like something died.


At the first opportunity Polly pulled the car over, let me out to try and clean the crap off the bottom of my brand new sandals. She got such a kick out of the situation, that she had to take a picture of me. So, here it is, me wiping poop off my sandal on the side of the road. The rest of the drive was much more pleasant and we had a great day.


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Becky said...

You look so happy Tom! I'm so glad for you!