Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Hermosa Beach Comed Magic Club

I started my day out yesterday spending money I didn't have on a new microphone from Guitar Center. While it functioned perfectly, I still was unhappy with my performances. Technically, they were fine. I'm still just having trouble getting the folks to express any enthusiasm, or for that matter any reaction what so ever. Whatever. . . I worked from 4-7PM. I wasn't too happy about leaving when the traffic was finally picking up, but I had another engagement to attend to.

My old pal Mickey O'Connor was working the Comedy Magic Club in Hermosa Beach and had invited me to see the show. When I arrived at the club my vibe was low. That was about to change. The MC / Opener was a young black comic who did a nice job. I can't remember his name. It was driving me even further into a tizzy that the audience was so happy to be there and laugh at everything on the same evening that I was having trouble getting someone to even smile or nod politely.


What's cool about LA is that you never really know who might just show up to do a surprise guest set. Last night there were two special guests. The first was Kevin Nealon (from Saturday Night Live). He did a nice set to a very appreciative audience. It was cool to see him, study the structure of his comedy and lose my fucked up mood. I stared to relax and enjoy the evening.


Next up was Mickey, who rocked the room for 30 minutes without saying a word. Mickey started out on the street then worked cruise ships for the last 15 years. He and is wife are expecting their first child soon and he will be here in LA for the next 3 months. I'm sure I'll get to see more of the both of them. I wonder what gags he has worked up for the delivery. . . . cut and restored umbilical cord? Juggling the placenta. . . who knows?

vlad clown shot

Surprise guest #2 was none other than Michael Richards (Kramer from Seinfield). It was interesting to see him as a stand-up. I've been a fan of his for over 20 years and it was a real pleasure to see his unique, high energy, physical comedy. Even at his age, he still hit the floor with some very funny pratt falls several times during his set. Certainly one of the highlights of the evening.


Finally, the headliner was introduced a young comic named Darren Carter. . . "The Party Starter". Nice set.


After the show I was invited back stage to the green room where Mickey, his very pregnant wife and I hung out for a bit. Mickey introduced me to the Entertainment Director who told me to send him a tape.

Another fun night in LA. You never know what might happen. Shit, someone might actually enjoy one of my performances. . . I'm keeping my fingers and eyes crossed.

Peace out homies -

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Chad Rees said...

Did you get to meet michael richards... His comedy is truly one of a kind.