Sunday, August 06, 2006

In my "In Box"

From Kenny Jones a pal from way back, also a roomate when I lived here 20 years ago. It was Sylvester the Jester, Kenny, Tracy Buck and myself. We were renting a nice 4 bedroom house in Cerritos. A year later we moved to Westminster near Huntington Beach.


LA! Man, Thats so 80's. We were there Vertigo at 5 in the morining, parties at Bel Air mansions. You know my wife still will not beleive we hung out at the Pickfair mansion with Princess St├ęphanie. Is that true? Did we do that? Did I Live That Life? So long ago and far away from where I live now. Good to hear fom you man, I need to take some time and read your blog. I would start a blog but who wants to read about the excitment of spending 8 *$%# hours tring to get a web site to talk with a F^%#*(^ dot net Web service and Sql server. Actualy I read someone elses blog about how they fixed the same problem so I guess some poor shulb might read it.

Well I've got to go. I need to edit some film & make some last minute script changes. All part of the "Biz" man.
Yall have fun In LAee


If we did hang out at Pickfair with the Buss brothers & Steph write a small accout for my wife & send to me. She will not beleive me and my memory is not good enough to fill in the details.


I'll try and get around to that. Those were special and innocent (yeah. . . right) times. We did do those things and so many more. Thanks for being apart of my life and great to hear from you.

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