Friday, August 04, 2006

Pics from Pollywood, CA

After quitting her job on Scrub's, that she had for 5 seasons, It didn't take Polly too long to land a job on a new HBO show called Big Love. They start shooting that show later this month. Last week she got some work on a feature film and a TV show. In the biz, this is called "day playing", where you just get a day or a few days of work.


This beautiful San Pedro beach is where she worked with the 2nd Unit (not principle photography) for a new Diane Keaton film.


These things are called flags, their sole purpose is to shade the monitors that the director and the script supervisor look at to see what is being committed to film. Jerry Lewis pioneered this concept of using a video feed through the film camera lens when he was directing scenes that he was also in himself. Back in the day, the studio didn't think it was an innovation worth funding, now it's an industry standard.


Here, the scaffolding was used to drop a wedding cake on an actor. they had 8 cakes in a truck for multiple takes. Needless to say a busy day for Polly working with the actor's hair, as all 8 cakes were used.


This location was in Thousand Oaks in the burbs of LA. They were filming a big shot'em up scene with cop cars getting shot up and explosions for a new FOX TV show called "Standoff", about hostage negotiators. Polly got to work with Buddy Joe Hooker (Hollywood legendary stuntman) on this shoot. He got to drive a van into a wall. I asked her if that was something that they needed to get right in one take, she said they had two other vans.


Here is the Chapman crane used for the crane shots. Cool huh?


And finally a pic of one of the sound stages on the 20th Century Fox lot. Thanks Polly for the pics, the stories and that special little thing you do. . . wink wink, nudge nudge. . . .


Chad Rees said...

tom your killing me here. God if you keep showing me pictures from you on set at movies i am going to have to move down there.

Anonymous said...

Tom, Please be sure to buy Polly some flowers and give them to her, from me, just for making you so damn happy!! It's wonderful to see and I'm thrilled for both of you.


p.s. Great news re: Big Love, it's a wonderful show!! And, OH!! the hair on that show is really an art in and of itself!! I'll be interested to see what she does with it!!