Saturday, August 05, 2006

What's going on

Good time at the the castle last night. Polly and I arrived, had a cocktail in Irma's piano lounge. The Castle dress code has men in coat and tie and women in dresses. I'd like to add that my girl was all dolled up in a pretty dress that showed off her. . . . smile. . . beautifully! Irma is an invisible piano player that can take even the most obscure of requests and spits them out quickly and in a style all her own.

We got to spend a few minutes with Jon Lovick. I hadn't seen him since we took the tour of the Copperfield Warehouse during the World Magic Seminar. I didn't realize it when we chatted, but he was on the bill of the show we were there to see. Korn showed up and I rudely demanded that he buy me a drink. I was having fun being a little over the top, but when pressed the next day, Polly confessed that I was acting drunk and obnoxious. I hate when that happens Dr. Jeckle and Hunter Thompson. FUCK!

We all went downstairs to a showroom that I had never been in. Cool room. Three guys on the bill Derek Hughes, John Lovick and some very funny, John Waters look'en, freaky magician. Good balance to the line up, nice performances from the guys and a good time had by all.

Interesting things going on behind the scenes at the Castle. They really seem interested in raising the bar. The show we saw was the first of a series to experiment with a looser format, content wise. Good wholesome magical entertainment with a few bad words and as much innuendo as you can swallow. Comedy Magic how it should be performed uncensored.

Oh yeah, before the show stared I snuck outside for a quick bowl and to hit on my cigar. Who do I see sitting there but none other than Jim Patton. Shit, I haven't seen him in a decade. We chatted, I told him that I had moved here and I look forward to seeing him again.

I'm liking being back here in Los Angeles. I feel like I'm on the brink of some sort of professional accomplishments. Very exciting. I need to start buckling down and hustling up some work. I'd love to book a week at the Castle.

This week I will begin to organize my sales strategy to solicit a variety of markets. Ohhhh FUN!

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