Monday, September 25, 2006

Sunday Fun

On Sunday, I worked the Abbot Kinney Festival down near Venice Beach. Chris Korn had hipped me to this laid back festival as it's in his neighborhood. The Promenade can get to be too much on the weekends. Too many acts, too much noise. Saturday I was sandwiched between a guy playing bag pipes. . . with enthusiasm, and the break dancers. I couldn't even hear my own piece of shit sound system. Anyways, the opportunity to perform anywhere other then the Promenade was a welcome diversion. What I encountered was a festival with no street performers. I did well and had a lot of fun. Wasn't that crazy about where I set up, but it was in the shade. It worked out well enough as I banged out show after show, throwing in a few deck pitches for texture.


I never know who I might run into while working the streets. I saw a friend from a previous lifetime, her name is Babett, she was Boris Sargent's aka John Sargent aka Jon Dairy aka Sandy first wife. She is Harvey Weinstein's cousin. Strangely enough, Chris Richardson's wife Melanie is Boris's sister. To make a long story undecipherable, I was the best man at Babett's and Boris's wedding in Eden Park over 16 years ago. I took over a loft that they lived in down in the hood. 12th and Vine in Over the Rhine. Now she lives in a Artist Community with her husband Carlos at a place called "The Brewery". I was invited to some sort of opening, but I believe I will be out of town.


Later that evening Polly I went to The Derby and did some swing dancing. What a great scene! Got to like a band with at least a dozen horns, upright bass, drums, piano and some talented vocalists. We danced in both rooms and gazed nto each others eyes. What can I say, I was dancing with the girl I love in a really cool place.


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