Monday, September 04, 2006

Sunday Night • Swing Dancing at the Derby

Sunday was an all around good day! I went to work the Promenade in the afternoon, Buster came with me and spent 4 hours on the beach reading while I worked. I did well, and spread the love. Beautiful day in Santa Monica, perfect temperature and a nice ocean breeze.


Later in the evening, Polly and I had made plans to go to the Derby for a lesson and some dancing. We invited Kirsten (Polly's best friend here in LA. . . and another tv and film industry career woman). We were happy that she said yes, as she is a hoot. We had some Trader Joe's Pizza for dinner at home, then hit the club. This was looking to be a real fun night, right right up until the valet guy drove over Kirsten's toes with Polly's car. I gave her a handful of painkillers which she downed with several glasses of Vodka. OK, the part about the pills and the booze was fabricated but the toe thing did happen. I thought for a minute I might have to call a toe truck.


It was a wonderful evening and felt great to get out and do some dancing with my sweetie. I also danced a few dances with Kirsten. We watched some extremely talented and practiced swing dancers. These Lindy Hopp'en motherfuckers really know how to rock the room.

Polly has to work early Monday mornings (with an exception this week because of Labor Day), so it won't be a regular thing for her; but Kirsten expressed some interest in going next week. This could be a lot of fun!


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