Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Today I'd like to research the option of a digital printer / direct mail company. If cost effective, would allow me to delegate to them any promo (postcards, brochures etc. . ) on an as needed basis. Whether I'm sending a few hundred, a thousand or just a few, there are companies that want my business. I might just give it to them. A basic question over the difference of web based vs printed promo delivered to your door makes you think. How do you effectively use printed promo to drive traffic to the site. Also what system of measurement will be used. The bottom line; gigs booked. My father used to say, "Reward results. . . not effort" I hated that phrase because I spent a lot of time working hard on something that was not producing as quick as I wanted. He also used to say, "If it works and makes you money, it was a good idea; if it doesn't. . . it was a shitty idea". Strange how the older you get the smarter your parents get.

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