Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Adrianne Price (Frank) Matthews

I loved my mom very much. I can't say that I ever understood her. Her choices in husbands were polar opposites and her choices within her life were equally bizarre. The cast of characters the she welcomed into her home and heart never ceased to amaze me.

All of her kids were freaks and we all enjoyed, loved, hated and dealt with the roller coaster that was our life together. Today was a tough day for me at certain points. When I needed to take a cigar walk to clear my head I did. Old photographs have a way of jogging your memory. I'll take some pictures back home with me, probably stick them in a drawer somewhere.

I really don't want any of her stuff. What I want of her, I keep in my heart and feel everyday.

I miss you mom.

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Timmy Jimmy said...

I know how you feel my friend. When my mom died, everyone in my family was freaking out about what they could get that was hers. Especially the girls (my insane sisters)....
They were fighting over pots and pans. Literally! I tore up the will. Everything I wanted or could get from my mom, she already gave me. Her love, her life, and my life!
I don't know where this mind set has come from that our parents owe us something or are going to "leave" us something when they die. It is us, their children who owe them. Funny but many people I see today feel the same way towards God. He owes us something, or we can bargain with him. But in reality, it is us who owe Him.
The pain will lessen, but the beautiful thing Tom, is that the memories won't fade, in fact, they become "mo betta." Because as you grow older and your children grow older you will remember through them some of the funny, zany, impossible things you and your mom did.
Keep your memories alive!