Friday, October 27, 2006

The Avalon Ball


Tomorrow night Polly and I will be attending the Avalon Ball on Catalina Island. I'm very excited about getting out there and doing some dancing with my gal. I haven't gotten all dressed up in a while, should be a swinging good time. I think this is the same band that we saw at the Derby.

I love the feel of the 20's, 30's and 40's, the music, the style, the clothes, the hats, the dancing and of course, the magic. Going to an event like this, in a way, is like going in a time machine (a "clean air act" time machine).


During the summer we went to see a contemporary musical film called Idlewild. The slow motion segments of the lindy hop, dance sequences were breath taking. I wish I could put into words what I feel when I'm dancing with a girl. The first time I took Polly dancing in Seattle she said of my smile, that I looked like a really happy 6 year old.

A couple of cocktails, a slow dance and and then pick it up a notch and let the horn section rip! I like to lead, it's what the man does. Some women like to lead. When that happens, sometimes I just force the lead. I asked a dance instructor about that once, his advice, "Make her feel like she's right". Most women follow beautifully. I hope Polly and I dance with a variety of people. It's going to be so fun. . . I can't wait!


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