Friday, October 06, 2006

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

Danny and I got back around 5AM yesterday morning. The problem with trying to backtrack a weeks worth of impressions and experiences is; now that I'm back, I've got other things to do. So I guess this will be the Readers Digest condensed version.

We left LA with Dan's van all loaded up with his act, arriving in Vegas around 1AM. That was Wednesday night. We spent the night at Kevin James's house. We stayed up for an hour or so talking to Kevin who produces a show called "The Worlds Greatest Magic Show" at the Greek Isles Casino. We made arrangements to see the show later in the week.

The next morning I was pleasantly surprised to see Aye Jaye in the kitchen. He was on his way out the door heading back to LA where he said we should do lunch at the Castle.

After having breakfast at the Black Bear Diner we headed over to the Sahara to unload back stage. Then we headed to Johnathan's house in a quiet gated community.


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