Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Life is good. Had a great audition yesterday and met with the Director of Entertainment and Special Events for Universal Studios Hollywood. Although our meeting was brief, my pitch was strong and I'm excited about figuring out to cultivate this contact.

I hadn't been to the City Walk since I was booked to work the International Street Performers Festival back in the early 90's. It looked great. I think I'm going to like working there. Guess we'll see.

After the audition I went grocery shopping. Picked up some steaks for dinner. Then picked up Buster at school. We dropped off the groceries at home and then departed on a 2 hour hike on a trail to the top of the Hollywood Hills. It was beautiful. I was surprised that he opened up to me and we had a real talk. I'd like to work on his negative self defeatist attitude and see a more proactive desire to solve some problems. I'm going to pick him up again, we're gonna walk again. We're going to keep walking and talking till we make some headway. I'm not going away. I love this kid too much to let him become lost in his own head.

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