Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Fast lane on a slick highway, Hydroplaning at 100 miles an hour or maybe a full spin out on ice. The camera gently whips around 360 degrees in slo mo. Out of a blurred focus emerges me getting out of a beat up 1976 Green Nova. Steady cam follows into a cigar store where I enter the walk in humidor. I press a button and the humidor fills up with smoke, then in an instant all of the smoke is sucked out of the humidor revealing that I am gone.

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Anonymous said...

beautiful scene, I love it!
What if you pick a cigar, light it and as you puff the smoke fills slowly first the soon is pouring around you in impossibly thick clouds? I could almost see this done in a black and white (or filmed in color but with everything in the scene done in gray scale including your cloths & skin) with some background music like a silent film