Monday, November 27, 2006

A day at the races

I did something neat yesterday, went to a magic session at the Race Track. Hollywood Park is without a doubt the nicest horse track I've ever seen. Aye Jaye had assembled a nifty little mix of eccentrics to enjoy an afternoon of magic, friendship and of course, horse racing. It was Aye Jaye, Carl Ballantine, Arthur Trace, Danny Sylvester and myself.

It was a real treat meeting Carl Ballantine. I was very appreciative to Aye Jaye for setting up the meeting. I've always been a big Ballantine fan. He cracks me up. It was a pleasure chatting with him about his long illustrious career in show business. We had an interesting discussion about the state of magic, and the entertainment industry.

Two characters out of a story, I was in heaven taking in all the sites, sounds and smells of the track. We bet on the races, won some lost some. . . easy come. . . easy go. Arthur (a recent FISM winner) is here from Chicago working the Castle for a couple of weeks. He showed us some nifty sandwich moves and some other things he's been working on. He's staying with Aye Jaye while he's in town. I look forward to seeing his FISM Act in the Palace this week. Should be fun.

It's always great seeing my soul brother Danny Sylvester. He showed Arthur his Sylvester Swivel an original card move as well as his Sylvester Pitch with silver dollars. The boys were geek'en out pretty good as I chatted with Ballantine and ran to the window to place another bet. I asked Danny what was going on in his life, he told me about a recent gig near Vegas as well as an upcoming gig in China. He and his girlfriend just got back from Ohio, where they celebrated Thanksgiving with Dan's family.

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