Thursday, November 16, 2006

Dinner with Gazzo

While working the Promenade this evening, who should stop by but none other than Gazzo! He's flying out to Texas in the morning to work some big corporate gig with 25 other top notch magicians. I was happy to see him as we didn't really have too much time to just sit chat and catch up during his visit. I packed in my stuff, closed up shop and took the rest of the evening off to have dinner with him.

I know I said it before, but I'll say it again. . . I really like Gazzo. His talent, approach, timing and comedy is right on the money. My respect for him grows with each passing year.

Gazzo & Tom Frank

Ahhh the life of a street performer. It's been an interesting quarter century journey. We talked about the many significant changes in society and how they have effected the art of Busking. Gazzo is wise beyond his years and has lived a life so full and rich of adventures and dreams. I'm lucky to know him and even luckier to call him a friend.

He never fails to make me laugh.

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Timmy Jimmy said...

Hey Tom, next time you see Gazzo, ask him why he holds up one finger everytime his picture is taken..