Tuesday, November 21, 2006

IM from his account to a girlfriend in Cincy

Trying to cover all bases I log onto Buster's AOL AIM Account as him. Here's what popped up.

NeddyTeddy: who is this?

BustaJohn: John's Dad

NeddyTeddy: I thought so

BustaJohn: really worried

NeddyTeddy: Me too

NeddyTeddy: I'm sorry you have to worry so much

BustaJohn: I know he's hurting, but this isn't a good way to go about things

NeddyTeddy: I told him this

NeddyTeddy: and he went and did it anyway

NeddyTeddy: I'm sorry, I love him very much, but this was a stupid move..

BustaJohn: how long had he been planning it?

NeddyTeddy: I don't know

NeddyTeddy: He had mentioned it lightly

BustaJohn: I think he just snapped the other night

NeddyTeddy: And I told him "That's a stupid idea"

NeddyTeddy: Yeah not coming back was.. a good snapper

BustaJohn: would he go to Seattle?

BustaJohn: he didn't take any money

NeddyTeddy: I dunno... he said he liked his friends in Seattle

NeddyTeddy: That's all I really know..

BustaJohn: well thanks

BustaJohn: If you hear from him please let me know

BustaJohn: just want to know that he's alright

BustaJohn: who is this?

NeddyTeddy: Michelle

NeddyTeddy: Sorry

NeddyTeddy: lol

NeddyTeddy: I coulda said somethin

NeddyTeddy: >.<

BustaJohn: thanks

NeddyTeddy: No problem.. I'll keep my ears open for anything

BustaJohn: Call my cell number

BustaJohn: later

NeddyTeddy: All right, any time is a good time?

NeddyTeddy: No wait?

BustaJohn: ANYTIME

NeddyTeddy: Okay

NeddyTeddy: Later


Anonymous said...


I couldn't imagine if my boys ran away. were prayin for ya here


Anonymous said...

Hang in there Tom.

This is a bold move for Busta - growing, pushing, trying to see what he is capable of. Becoming an adult. Such a shame that its hurting you so much.

Things will work out. Keep the faith buddy.


Becky said...

All my love is with you, Tom. He will come home.


Scott Ocheltree said...

Hey Tom,
Fellow parent of teen boys here -

I do understand a bit of what you're going through - My older son left home angry this last summer - he was 18 and had just graduated so it was different, but the same in that it was his anger that motivated him and it wasn't a clean, happy goodbye - he had no where to go and was staying with friends and sleeping in his 85 jetta - we didn't know where he was for a couple weeks.

I know things are different with your situation: Buster is younger, and not as well connected in the area - I don't think your concerns or fears aren't justified, but chances are he isn't inflicting too much discomfort on himself. His biggest problem right now is probably figuring out a way to come back without compromising his pride.
Has the school worked with you on identifying any social network of friends he may be relying on?
Keep his IM account logged in and you may be able to chat with others who have been in contact with him.

Nikki said...

Just to let you know, I have been checking with his myspace list too.