Friday, November 03, 2006

Lunch on the set of Big Love

Wednesday I was treated to lunch on the set of Big Love. Polly gave me a nice tour of both sound stages, the Kraft Service Truck, the Hair and Make Up Trailer and the dining area. I love my girl and it was fun to see her in her natural habitat. Her boss "Big Daddy" Scott made me feel very welcome and greeted me with a big smile. It seems like a great cast and crew.

I enjoyed some delicious lamb chops for lunch and was luckly enough to sit and chat with # 1 and 2 on the call sheet (Pill Paxton & Jeanne Tripplehorn).

Last week I watched an episode of Big Love on HBO and thought it was a good show. I love being around the magic of movie making. By the way, they shoot this TV show in 35mm film. Before lunch I got to watch them shoot a few takes of a scene. All very cool. I love my life!

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