Thursday, November 02, 2006

My Office

Here in North Hollywood, it doesn't feel like fall, autumn or winter, as we enter the first week of November. You might say that it's perfect. Just came in from my sun soaking session out back. Did some writing, listened to a podcast of a Ralph Waldo Emerson essay entitled, "Love" and spent some time digging how I was feeling. I try and do this daily from 10-11 or 11-12. Yesterday I added in some exercise at the end, some sit ups and push ups. I've grown fat and lazy. I'd like to see if I can upgrade and just be lazy. It would be nice to drop a few pounds and firm up a little. Just don't want to give up anything for it. I like eating like a pig.

Last night I worked the Promenade. It was a slow, between the season lull, weeknight; what'cha gonna do. I sat on my stool, lit a cigar, put on some Dianna Krall and started shuffling the cards. Although it was a slow night, I had some really satisfying sets. and a few deck sales at the end.

Last weekend Eliah gave me some good advice. He said ,"Go slower" and "Be more mystical". I tried that, and was surprised what a difference a few beats could make. I also played with D'lite to get people's attention as they walked by. Did kind of a production/multiplication sequence producing the light, transferring it to the other hand and watching myself as I put it in my right jacket pocket. I move my head to look at the audience, and notice that there is another one. I register surprise and a little disgust as I do the same thing with that one. Kind of a Cardini feel, slightly tipsy or aloof. D'lites are fun. . . for everyone. I bought some to sell after my performances.

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