Tuesday, November 14, 2006


I’m not sure if I’ve ever shared this in my writing, but here is, yet another glimpse, of a facet, of my personality. Simplicity. I’m about a simple a person as I know.

I’ve always been a bit oblivious, living in my own little world. For decades I have proudly told people that I live in a bubble. And for the most part, that is very true. Reality does have way of waking you up with a dick in your ass though, but hey; that’s real life. What’cha gonna do?

The best part of being simple is that I can go to sleep at the drop of a hat. It’s really wonderful. Rarely to the sneakers, rolling around in the dryer of my mind, keep me up at night. I sleep like a baby every night. . . even when something’s bothering me.

It doesn’t take a lot to make me happy. Lately I feel so lucky and loved. Shit, my bubble’s gonna burst I’m so happy! A hedonistic streak, fills my days and nights in the pursuit of a good time. Long walks on the beach, or the mountains, ocean sun sets or the taste of my sweetie’s lips. As far as that goes, things couldn’t be better. We are both very much in love with each other. I think she likes that I’m simple. The only problem is, sometimes she’ll ask me, what I’m thinking; and I feel like, if I tell her, I’ll end up sounding like Homer Simpson.

I’m simple in my magic too. I’m not looking for the latest trick to fool you with. I’m into the classics; the cups, the rings, cards and coins. I’m looking to bring the audience down to my level. Lets make it simple. If I could make their problems disappear if even for only a minute or two. . . now that would be magic. As magicians, we say that’s what we want. To suspend disbelief and make someone forget all their worldly problems. Are we doing this? I don’t want a new trick, I want to do THAT. How can we measure the results of this quest? Or at least feel that the performance is addressing this through a light hypnotic trance or NLP. Oh I’m gushing now, the shit is about to get deep.

Never mind, my point here, is that I have no point. But as I’ve said, I’m OK with that.


Timmy Jimmy said...

Right on Tom, we have had this excellent discussion many times. The idea that you needn't learn ALL the magic ticks out there! However, I believe that it is important to be knowledgeable in the many different aspects of magic. I am always looking for a good trick to learn. Remember that I am only in my third year on this excellent journey. Trying to catch up with all the magicians and performers who have been doing magic since they were little tykes!
I think it important to be well rounded. How ya going to get that way? Find, try out, play with, choose and discard... find yourself through trial and error! You have done that! I am getting there. I am reading more. Stong magic by Darwin Ortiz. No tricks in that book, just about performing, whys and why nots... I'll have to read it at least twice, or three times, very deep... Great journey... keep banging on the cups, your drum!
Love ya, TF

your brother said...

keep it simple! that's where it's at! In AA, I've heard it said, I never met anyone too stupid to get sober! One Day at a Time, Enjoy and be grateful!