Friday, November 10, 2006

TGIF - Like it matters to me?

Pushing thoughts through my head, is sometimes like large solid crap through an asshole. I'm not sure what that means, guess sometimes I feel bogged down. This week has been OK. The Promenade has been wishy washy lately and I'm ready to spark the fuse of inspiration and explode the backup of creative energy.

It's been a good week for exercising and writing. Instead of hikes in the mountains this week, I mixed things up a bit with 2 hour walks on the beach ending with the sunset off the horizon of the Pacific Ocean.

Although the temperature shifted yesterday to chilly, the earlier part of the week was hot enough to do my nude sunbathing and walking on the beach in knee deep waves. As a boy from Cincinnati, all I can say is, "Far out dude, this LA Scene is totally rad." There were a few surfers out there and plenty of skin to gawk at.

I picked up a couple of art books that were on sale at Barnes and Noble the other day, and today I will start a new collage. I love doing collage work, there's really no way to fuck it up. Life is a collage, of people, places and things, of action and feelings. Textures and notions weave the movie of your life with you as the star.

Today I'm meeting Aye Jaye at the Castle for lunch as his guest. I will enjoy some of my creative pursuits this afternoon, work Hollywood and Highland tonight and the go back to the Magic Castle again to see Gazzo work the late parlor shows. Should be an excellent day.

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