Friday, November 17, 2006

Working on a new collage

As part of my creative recovery, I am spending time doing some things that I enjoy, but don't do enough. . . Like collage. I find it very relaxing to sit around, cut up books, use the scissors and xacto blade, finally spray adhesive to create something you might call art. I like where this one is heading. I only do colleges (most of them are theme collages) when the subject speaks to me. I love toys and have a long history with them. Not in the sense that I played with them when I was a kid, but having owned two speciality toy stores (FunKIDelic Toys & Carew Tower Toys) and a dear friend who has a world class toy soldier and vintage toy collection who taught me to appreciate the subtle beauty and simplicity that is the notion of "Play Value".

Toys are nostalgic, unless you a little kid. I remember playing with Lincoln Logs and Barrel of Monkeys, Operation and Clue. One of the things I like to do in my college work is stick in one element that just doesn't go. Something to give it a bit of contrast, maybe a handgun or something. I'm just in the preliminary stages of cutting out, haven't really even thought where anything is going to go yet. The pics were just a casual toss of my cut outs onto the dining room table. Guess we'll see where things head as I finish up my cutting.

Click on the pics if you want to blow them up. Some of my previous work includes Colleges of: Picasso, Dali, Photorealism, Playing Cards, Magic, Charlie Chaplin, Comic Books, Pop Art, Norman Rockwell, Ralph Steadman and more. It's always been a secret fantasy of mine to show my art in a gallery. Wouldn't that be cool. So many dreams and delusions. I just love it!


Timmy Jimmy said...

I love it too! Thanks for sharing your dreams, aspirations and the like! It was a nice little trip sdown memory lane, witht he Lincoln logs, Barrel of Monkeys etc. Remember slinky and silly putty? The magic of Slinky and Silly Putty. Tom I appreciate your inventive, whackyness! Thank magic or I would never have had the great chance to meet and get to know you!
I truly love you!

Tom said...

Thanks Tim! I miss you too.

BTW both Silly Putty and the Slinky will be in the collage.

Hope you and the family are well.

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