Thursday, December 28, 2006

Jimmy Talksalot

I met a couple of buskers yesterday from New Orleans. Jimmy Talksalot and his buddy Jorde. Jimmy is a student of Doug Conn's. I love magic and magicians. Always fun to make new friends. They said they had come find me and so they had. It always makes me a bit uncomfortable when people talk me up. Jimmy said I was a legend, I corrected him and told him I was a hack. The best hack I know. . . but a hack none the less. He said that I am one of Doug's heros. He gave me Doug's phone number and I called him on my way home. It was good to talk to Mr. Conn after all these years.

Jimmy and Jorde got their performing permits for the Promenade and were out there today working. Jimmy has a nice show with with some coin, ball, rope and cigarette magic. Jorde had his one man band rig and is learning magic from Jimmy. They said the Eric Evans and Sonny Holiday will be out here in a few weeks. Looks like there will be a lot of magic at the Promenade. Good thing the Universal City Walk is finally going to allow me to perform there after 6 months of persistence.

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ScottyTuxedo said...

Jimmy was one of my closer friends during my time in New Orleans. He took good care of me. If you see him again, tell him I said, "hey."