Monday, December 04, 2006


Need to get with the program, can't let this all get me out of whack. GET FOCUSED, STAY POSITIVE, BE BUSY, WORK HARD, LOVE HARDER.

No one knows better than me, that the one thing you can count on is. . . shit. Yup. . . as the saying goes, "Shit Happens". It's an indisputable fact.

BUT, it's how we deal with it, that shows the world what's in our heart.

Well, pardon me if I smile, with this mouth full of dripping shit.

You can't kill me, I won't go away, I am a fucking cockaroach. I'm the energizer bunny. I'll empathize you to death. Don't fuck with me.


Doug said...

Keep on keeping on Tom ... and keep on telling us how to do it right!

I'm smiling now... (with my mouthful of shit :) I was a lonnnnnng way from smiling earlier today.

Your positive outlook / energy continues to inspire me (as much today as it did 20 years ago in that loft in Cinnci)

TX man... you are 'the bomb'
Doug Conn

Tom said...

Thanks Doug.

Kind words from a pal.