Sunday, December 03, 2006

Ricky Jay, David Rudd and an evening of magic

David Rudd, a buddy from Seattle had a trip planned to see Ricky Jay's show with his wife. Unfortunately she was unable to attend. Fortuantately for me, he asked me if I wanted to go!! Hell yeah. Buster broken hearted, ball busting bullshit. . . but yeah I'd love to go to the show. Polly and I have our tickets for Jan. to see the show. . . But to see a hot ticket in town TWICE now that's good.

The show was a delight. I've been a Ricky Jay fan since the first time I saw him perform on the Diana Shore Show on TV, in the 70's. He's certainly carved out an interesting niche for himself in the spectrum of the entertainment landscape. Actor, Author, Magician,Card Cheat & Thrower, Historian, Freak; Ricky Jay always entertains and looks like, if you don't dig it, he might just kick your ass.

On the night we saw him Carl Riner was there with a party of 6. As expected his card handling was beautiful. He opened with a version of McDonald's Aces using queens and talked about stuck up bitches seeking out each others company. He used much nicer words than that. Not sure if this is the routine from Erdnase or not. Anyways a great routine to open with. He connected well with everyone in the 84 seat theater.

It's a good show directed by David Mamet. The Malini "Multiple Card Selection", always a crowd pleaser. Love the way he handles and controls the selections. OK, I'll say it, "I go for this kind of stuff. " His dealing demonstrations and gambling routines flowed as beautifully as his words. Can you tell I'm a fan? His cup routine a work of art. A charming interlude with an old atomaton and a playing card restoration. Card throwing demonstration, again probably what he's best known for. An entertaining evening. Thanks Mr. Rudd.

David Rudd lives in Seattle with his wife Michele and their son and new daughter. Here is a clip of Dave at one of the the Alki Beach Sessions.

After the show we went to the Magic Castle to see Mike Close work. We were not able to to see his show but did see Derek Hughes in the Parlor. Nice set. We chatted briefly with Arthur Trace. Dave had seen him in NYC at mostly magic last time he was there. We went downstairs and hung at the bar. Chris Korn was there, Mike Close, Jon Lovik, Dave Rudd, myself. Had a nice time Geek'en out on some magic.

Thanks again pal for a memorable night.

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Timmy Jimmy said...

David you ROCK!