Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Back from a great trip!

Just got back from Columbia, South Carolina where I was assisting Sylvester the Jester at the South Carolina Association of Magicians (S.C.A.M) Convention. Dan was booked to lecture Friday morning and Headline the Gala Show on Saturday night. Although I've know Dan over two decades I learn new things about him all the time. Like, the concerns of dealing with airport security on checked and carry on bags. . . lets just say that cartoon boy's "thought bubble" could be popped at any minute and it could be a long afternoon in a hot little TSA substation cavity search room in the basement of LAX.

Sylvester the Jester

We flew from LA to Houston then on to Columbia from there. At the airport we were met by Matt and Rachel who would be our Convention liaisons. It's been a long time since I lived in the south, certainly they take their hospitality SERIOUSLY. It was made clear to us early on, that if there were any issues, that either of them could handle them promptly.

Arthur Trace was also converging at baggage claim. Unfortunately his road-case, containing his easel and canvas for his avent garde, art, manipulation magic act. . . were not. Cell phone calls to unknown people at the end of the day make for a tense face.

We got in Thursday night, to the Mariott Hotel Downtown. Nice digs and a great place for a convention. Very fluffy pillows and bedding, very hot water with excellent pressure. Just what I like in a hotel.

The first thing Dan does immediately after getting into the hotel room is to open and examine every prop. He carefully evaluates whether or not it's been handled or damaged in transit. He does that, I take a shower as we had been up since 5AM West Coast Time.

A bunch of us went to a busy Wing Joint nearby for a bite of dinner. I had met Arthur once before at the Race Track in LA. and David Regal on the Private Copperfield Museum Tour a year ago. I love hanging out with magicians.

After dinner there was a mini magic session near the registration desk. We were geek'en out pretty good with card's, coins and combs. . . oh my.

Luke Dancy & David Regal

Luke Dancy introduced himself to me as a good friend of Ryan Swigert's. Any friend of Ryan's, is a friend of mine. Luke seems like a good guy with a nice touch. I enjoyed his lecture the next day.

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