Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Session with Aaron Fisher

Circles inside of circles like raindrops from a bleeding heart. Feeling under the weather, laying low and trying to save my energy to perform at the City Walk this evening.

I had a great night out with Aaron Fisher, Sunday night. We were going to see a Grateful Dead cover band in Santa Monica but it was not to be. We got there, the parking lot empty and the door locked. So we decided park near Ocean Blvd. and enjoy the sounds of the Pacific Ocean's waves and they crash the California coast. The Santa Monica Pier always looks beautiful, day or night.

I've only hung out with Aaron a few times but I must say that he's got it going on. It's always interesting to me how magicians/cardmen translate their vision and talent into a income that, in turn, becomes a career. We went to the Kings Head Pub where the patrons of that establishment were torturing each other with Karaoke. We bellied up to the bar, got our drinks and headed to the other room (the dining room), which was empty. Cards came out of their cases and the session began. Aaron was cracking the seal on a new deck and we talked briefly about "Breaking in a deck" rituals. I don't remember exactly what he did to break the spirit of the deck, but it was minimal and he was ready to go. I was honored to be the first person to see one of his latest creations. Mother fucker took me hook line and sinker and fooled me badly.

He told me of his plans to release this card effect commercially. This started a lengthy discussion about our art and the selling of secrets. Very interesting talk with a guy who has given it a lot of thought.

Aaron has great hands, great ideas and great execution. We finished our drinks and headed back to Aaron's Hollywood apartment near the Magic Castle and continued our session there. It was a real good time, laid back, informative and enjoyable. If you don't own Aaron's book "The Paper Engine", I recommend that you get it and study "Tension Focus and Design in Card Magic"

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