Friday, February 09, 2007

As the week turns. . .

Wednesday, Vaclav and I returned to Dean Dill's Barber Shop in Glendale for an afternoon session. Again it was a great time. Pete Biro was there, as well as one of the Castle Managers, I think his name was Todd, a fellow named Jesse and of course Dean Dill.

I did the linking rings for the guys and they seemed to like it. Vaclav did a couple of tricks and Dean showed us an interesting prediction. He also showed us a trick called WOW!

The atmosphere is friendly and the quality of the advice great. I had a really good time and learned a few things.

Last night I had a good hour or two at the City Walk. Made some cash before the midweek evening traffic dried up. I sure will be glad when we start getting into the real street season. It's been a tough month. Chillier weather, rain and the Jan./Feb. doldrums have all posed their own challenges. But, I'll get over it and come out on top. . . . I always do.

This afternoon Aaron Fisher, Billy Goodwin and I are driving down to San Diego to see Rat Dog, Bob Weir's (From the Grateful Dead) Band play at the House of Blues. Road trip magic session with the concert tonight. I'm getting VERY excited. Should be fun.

On a less exciting note, I found out yesterday that I will not be working the Magic Castle. It's a shame that I allowed myself to let self defeating behavior of yesteryears figure into the mix. Tough pills, I've swallowed more than my share. But I keep a smile on my face, love in my heart and keep following my dream.

It's a good life and I'm gonna have fun tonight at the concert.

Peace Out

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